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    With the arrival of summer check the water retention nightmare! Water retention is one of the most obnoxious anti-aesthetic problems concerning the female gender. In reality, it is not just a question of aesthetics, but of real health. The accumulation of liquids in the various districts of the body (ankles, thighs, buttocks) is highlighted when the fluids are not properly drained from the circulatory system. This accumulation causes swelling and heaviness leading to the formation of the much unwanted cellulite.

    Starting from food, here’s what to avoid and what to put in your diet to combat water retention.

    Reduce the intake of salt, not only using less in condiments but also avoiding all those products that contain hidden rooms (cheeses, meats, crisps, snacks, breadsticks, …)
    Integrate your diet with titrated extracts of these herbs: pilosella, dandelion, centella asiatica, stalk of pineapple, birch and artichoke. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids, tannins and mineral salts, with purifying, diuretic and deflating action, useful to counteract the fatigue of the legs and the imperfections of cellulite.
    Eat more foods rich in potassium (kiwi, spinach, fennel, peas, walnuts, cod, bananas, ..): potassium stimulates diuresis, helping to eliminate excess sodium.
    Drink at least two liters of water a day.
    In addition to eating healthy, it is advisable to practice sports such as swimming or walking: they promote the functionality of the microcirculation, prevent overweight and help reduce water retention.

    Finally, an aid to fight swelling and heaviness is to perform massages with the right creams rich in active ingredients that help to counteract the onset of the problem.

    Our Gel for legs and feet AloeBio50 is a natural treatment specifically formulated for legs and feet.

    This menthol-based cream-gel is perfect for tired and swollen legs and feet, conferring an intensely pleasurable sensation of freshness and lightness. A specific blend of vegetable extracts – ivy, centella, birch, horse chestnut, laminaria digitata and fucus vesiculosus – stimulates and reactivates the circulation, exerting a draining, vasoprotective and rebalancing action which improves capillary permeability. It eliminates swelling and tension, reducing fluid retention thanks to the presence of escin (0.4%) and carnitine (0.6%). The pure organic aloe vera juice (50%), salicylic acid (0.5%) and vitamin E bring immediate relief, soothe pain and reduce inflammation. Daily use improves the appearance of swollen and tired legs and feet, leaving them toned, nimble and smooth.