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    Have you noticed darker or otherwise different spots on your hands, face or in general on your body? These are skin discolorations: irregularities in skin color that can occur in a limited area or can be very extensive.
    The main cause is the excessive presence or absence of melanin, the substance that gives the color to our skin.

    Some spots are the result of several factors, first of all the incorrect exposure to the sun. To avoid the appearance of unsightly spots on the skin, especially on the face, it is essential to use sunscreen products both during the summer exposure, but also in other seasons, favoring the creation of a screen that limits the risk of developing discoloration.
    In other cases they are due to the normal changes in our organism, such as changes in the hormonal structure as in menopause and in pregnancy, or for the intake of particular drugs.

    How to treat them? Not all stains are the same and, as we have seen, not all of them have the same origin. Surely the use of exfoliants and peelings is important to remove dead cells on our skin. These are treatments that exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin by removing the pigmented cells, furthermore they accelerate the cellular turnover, improving both the hydration and the uniformity of the complexion. Excellent results are also obtained from the constant and continuous use of specific creams that act locally on the production of melanin.