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    Needless to hide, we are all madly in love with our hair, spend hours and hours to brush them, curl them, smooth them and impel them. But who knows why, they are never like we want them: those who have smooths would like them curly, those who are thick would want them thinner. What is certain is that hair, like skin, deserves so much attention.


    To always look strong and shining they need the right nourishment and mother nature has thought for us a series of foods to strengthen our hair.

    Primarily, it is necessary to have a proper supply of vitamins and mineral salts. Whole grains (such as rice) and beer yeast are rich in vitamin B7, suitable for preventing hair loss and effective for keratin production.

    Legumes, in addition to being rich in vitamins (especially Group B), contain iron and proteins, which help to strengthen hair, help them grow and prevent dry skin.

    Parsley, carrots and spinach, like all dark green leafy vegetables, besides being healthy nutritional for the body, are all major sources of vitamins A and C. These vitamins help produce sebum, the natural oil of the scalp that acts like a natural hair balm.
    If you are looking for a food that gives the texture to your hair, treat tasty mangoes, strawberries, pineapples, peaches and kiwis: all rich in vitamin C, essential for increasing collagen.

    And do not forget to go home with a dried fruit bag for an easy and fast snack. Almonds, nuts and cashew nuts contain zinc, which minimizes hair loss. Nuts, among other things, also contain a high level of omega-3, which improves the brightness and texture of the hair.