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We have often talked about the active ingredients, the functionality and the effectiveness of our formulations, without ever dwelling on the philosophy and the mission that have characterized our company for almost 50 years. Our products have always been the result of research, production and processing at our factory in Italy to be in the forefront of offering the right protection throughout the supply chain.

The promise of a quality cosmetics part also from the environment in which we work, that’s why we decided to feed ourselves with clean energy for over 80% of our needs.

Adherence to LifeGate’s Impatto Zero® project stems from the strong ethical sense of respecting everything that surrounds us: CO2 emissions deriving from industrial production processes are offset by the purchase of carbon credits that correspond to creation interventions and forest protection.

The ecofriendly ethics is also confirmed in the use of FSC® certified carton boxes to promote the responsible management of forests, bottles and packaging in recycled and / or recyclable materials and rigorously selected biodegradable raw materials. Attention and guarantee to our consumers.


All our products are dermatologically tested in collaboration with the Department of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara carrying out skin and ocular tolerance studies. In addition, heavy metal tests are carried out, such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt, and chemical-physical and microbiological checks on each production batch.


Clarity and transparency to be even closer to the consumer. On all our products you will find the percentage of ingredients of natural origin of which the single formulation is made, as well as you can see that our products DO NOT contain parabens, petrochemical derivatives, silicones and synthetic dyes. Moreover, our interest in the animalist cause has always been strong: among the cruelty-free companies already before the epochal turn of 11 March 2013 with the entry into force of the European ban on animal experimentation.

We continue to monitor our suppliers so that they commit themselves not to test the cosmetic raw materials used on animals.

We have chosen the path of transparency because we are what we tell.