For the age, or for the excessive exposure to the sun or for other factors that we will see together, in Italy there are about six million women with more or less evident spots on hands, face or dècolleté. But how are they formed and how can they be prevented?
The discoloration of the skin is the result of hyperpigmentation, ie the production of an excessive amount of pigment in localized skin areas. Among the causes of this excessive production there are certainly hormonal changes – not by chance pregnant women, breastfeeding and menopause are more exposed to this phenomenon.

Regardless of age, the main cause of skin spots is the excessive and incorrect exposure to the sun.

Not everyone knows that inflammatory stages and photosensitizing substances, such as essential oils contained in perfumes and drugs, can increase the probability of sunspots appearing in the period of use if they are concurrent with exposure to UV rays.

There are several solutions to cancel or at least reduce melasma, but before intervening it is important to prevent. You need to learn how to properly protect yourself from ultraviolet rays, increase the defenses of your skin according to the skin type and, as always, lead a healthy lifestyle, with a correct and balanced diet.

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