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    Ready to show your hands and feet? In summer, you know, fashion always wants them to be prefects and embellished with colored and trendy glazes. Taking care of your hands and feet is not difficult, just have a little patience and a lot of perseverance.

    Let’s start from the feet. Treat yourself to a relaxing DIY foot bath with warm water and a handful of salt. It takes 10 minutes to feel regenerated, with immediate relief.

    Then massage your feet with a cream scrub to remove the superficial horny layer, especially on the heels, which are more prone to chapping. The skin softened by the water will make it much easier. Finally, rinse your feet and dry them well.

    After that, massage them with a cream that is moisturizing, nourishing and reducing the swelling and the feeling of heaviness.
    At this point your feet will be ready to wear a nice pair of sandals and be admired by everyone.

    Even for the hands it is important to perform an exfoliating action to eliminate impurities and dead cells.

    The scrub with apricot granules exfoliates gently, leaving the skin soft and soft, deeply purified and, therefore, ready to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of the active ingredients contained in the hand creams of our line.

    The use of hand and nail creams as well as making them soft and silky, protects from external aggressions, strengthening nails and cuticles.

    You just have to choose the trendiest nail polish of the season to give a touch of originality and fashion to your hands and feet!