Collagen is the most important fibrous protein in animal connective tissue, constituting up to 35% of the total protein of mammals, to the point that about 6% of our body weight consists only of collagen.
Collagen is therefore a protein, an essential substance for the whole body, so much so that it constitutes for 90% the deep layer of the skin, representing the main component that protects and supports the dermal structure.

Generally obtained from bovine, pig or marine collagen, Athena’s has instead chosen a decidedly alternative source, using only collagen from the plant world.
Widely used as an ingredient in body care products and especially in the face, it has a precious moisturizing, protective and temporary filler effect. It definitely enhances the brightness and appearance of the skin, making it more beautiful and relaxed.

The use of products containing phyto collagen helps protect against the oxidative effects of external pollutants and ultraviolet radiation, the main ones responsible for the degradation of the skin structure, counteracting the formation of wrinkles.

An important role for collagen synthesis is coated by vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C.
The latter, in addition to having antioxidant properties, is able to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the renewal of fibroblasts, slowing the loss of tone and elasticity.

It is important to say that the collagen contained in cosmetics and body products does not supplement the collagen produced in the dermis, but it helps to hydrate and protect the skin.