When we talk about air pollution, it must be remembered that this is not a problem ONLY environmental, but also strongly impacts on our body, especially on the health of our skin!

We have repeatedly talked about the importance of the epidermis as a barrier against environmental aggressions and, as such, more exposed to the effects of poor air quality.

Colorlessness, loss of elasticity, appearance of dark spots, acceleration of the process of skin aging, are just some of the effects that pollution can have on the skin starting from the progressive degradation of collagen fibers, the main responsible for a toned and compact skin.


How to protect our skin?
Also in this case the feeding – beauty routine combination becomes fundamental. Add red fruits and leafy vegetables to your diet: these are foods rich in antioxidants, which help stop the damaging action of free radicals on cells, a chain reaction triggered by environmental factors.

Particular attention therefore to the daily cleaning of the face: it allows to eliminate the excess sebum and the accumulation in the pores, thus reducing the appearance of imperfections and blackheads.
After that, use antioxidant-rich products. These “key” ingredients block the activity of free radicals by combating premature aging of the skin. Then choose creams rich in polyphenols, vitamin C and E: strong protective and antioxidant.
Vitamin C acts directly by stimulating the endogenous collagen production and reducing dark spots and dull complexion.

Essential anti-pollution antipollution is the hyaluronic acid that forms a film on the skin with multiple benefits, gives an immediate lifting effect, acts as a barrier to external agents, and protects cells against oxidative stress in the long term.
Finally, do not forget, even in the city, good broad-spectrum sunscreen, against UVA and UVB rays.