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    Is it possible to have straight hair without a plate or in any case beautiful and shiny even if it is tiled? The answer is yes! Following our advice not only your hair will no longer frizzy, they will also be stronger and healthier.

    The first step to having straight hair is to treat them with care! Then choose a shampoo suitable for your hair, which at the same time is gentle on the skin.

    When choosing the most suitable product for your hair type, check that it does not contain alcohol (Inci: Alcohol denat.), An ingredient that significantly dry the hair and scalp, and avoid anything that contains sulfates (SLES, SLS), it deals with components that make the products foamy, but can be aggressive on the hair, making them more frizzy and weak.

    Take a few minutes to apply a disciplinary mask to hydrate and deeply nourish your hair. A small gesture that will favor the creation of smooth and stretched hairstyles and will allow you to have a soft and hydrated hair.

    Finally, when drying, use a two-phase spray that protects hair from heat without weighing it down. It is a fundamental product if you want to eliminate frizz, ease ironing and prolong its life.